Author: Paul Duncan


Whenever Lori gets dangerously close to feeling comfortable with a pottery technique, she switches to something new to learn. The latest experiments are with sgraffito, a technique where you scratch through a layer of one color to reveal another.

All Fired Up

A busy weekend of firing resulted in a good selection of bisque-fired mugs ready for glazing and a raku firing session yielding some very nice raku bottles with unique and distinctive patterns.  The kiln gods were kind.

Drying Rack

Bisque-Fired Pottery Drying

The dining table is covered with drying bisqueware pottery that’s been treated with red iron oxide stain prior to glazing.

A drying rack (the dining table) is covered with bisqueware pieces that have been previously thrown, church-keyed, bisque-fired, and treated with red iron oxide stain to accentuate the patterns.  Next step is masking with liquid latex, glazing, and finally glaze firing.